Booty Bay || The Sims 4 || Speedbuild || WoW || World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft's Booty Bay recreated in the Sims 4!

Pack your bags and get on a ship!

Stranglethorn's Bay is calling for a journey!

Rent a room at The Salty Sailor Tavern before you take a trip to the city!

Markets, Restaurants and many other activities await you!


After my Dalaran and The Darkmoon Faire Replica, I'm back with the third recreation of Azeroth's places in The Sims 4.

This time i challenged myself for No-CC so you can simply download it from the gallery! Make sure to search for the right name!

This can be used as a home, a Restaurant, a Bar... And so much more to experience and modify to your own needs!

I really hope you enjoy!


'Stranglethorn's Bay'

Origin ID SatiSim

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Artist - Ross Bugden - Music

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Music Provided By Notchback Music (NBM)